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Updates from the various groups including cricket club, WI, Leyland Arms and the church events in 2016 including concerts and a medieval fair.
Year:2016   Issue:1
Lots of information about what is going on in Llanelidan over the festive period as well as details of The Leyland opening hours.
Year:2015   Issue:2
What is going on in Llanelidan as well as The Leyland opening hours and details of a gospel choir playing at the church.
Year:2015   Issue:1
End of 2014 newsletter with details of the remaining events. Also includes details of the Leyland Arms opening hours during this festive period.
Year:2014   Issue:2
Exciting news about a Medieval fayre as well as the annual village shoot and many other events.
Year:2014   Issue:1
Includes a summary of the village fete as well as details of known events through to the end of 2013.
Year:2013   Issue:3
Contains information about the village fete as well as the next WI meeting and what the church is up to.
Year:2013   Issue:2
up and coming events until July 2013. These include the Russian hermitage ensemble, numerous church events and the Village fete date announced for 14th July. this will be an amazing event so put the date in your diary.
Year:2013   Issue:1
The festive edition of the newsletter packed full of details of events over the festive season.
Year:2012   Issue:4
This newsletter contains details of the summer fete and various church fundraising events. Details are included about the village hall clay pigeon shoot as well as pub quizzes starting up in October, the church community harvest service and a call for information about wartime memories in Llanelidan. The calendar of events shows all known events up to the end of 2012.
Year:2012   Issue:3
Llanelidan 2012 village fete details as well as updates on the St. Elidan church sustainability project. Also includes news from the cricket club, W.I. and the village hall.
The events calendar has been updated through to the end of August.

Year:2012   Issue:2
This issue includes the launch of the 2012 village fete, information relating to the church of St. Elidan and a request for help for the 2013 Eisteddfod which will be held in Denbigh. The issue also includes the calendar of events for the next 3 months in the village.
Year:2012   Issue:1
Details of the village Christmas events, a brand new history project as well as updates from various village organisations.
Also includes an updated community events calendar showing what's happening over the festive period.

Year:2011   Issue:4
This issue contains information about the very successful Village Fete as well as updates from each of our village groups. The calendar is also updated with activities through to the end of November.
Year:2011   Issue:3
This issue contains information about the very successful Village Fete as well as updates from each of our village groups. The calendar is also updated with activities through to the end of November.
Year:2011   Issue:3
Contains information about the Llanelidan 2011 Village Fete on 10th July. Also includes information about one of our villager's cycle ride from John O'Groats to Land's End and our attempts to match him on an exercise bike.
Year:2011   Issue:2
Included in this issue is information about the 2011 family fun day, details of an alternative rural broadband solution and updates from our village groups. The community events diary shows dates for the diary to July.
Year:2011   Issue:1
Included in this issue is a new broadband option as well as information about the festive season's activities in Llanelidan.
Information about the Llanelidan Nativity play on 19th December is also included.

Year:2010   Issue:4
A review of the last couple of months and announcements of the up and coming activities. Also includes details of a new bread delivery service which is being trialled in the village.
Year:2010   Issue:3
Special edition with timetable for the Llanelidan fun day.
Year:2010   Issue:2
The first Llanelidan News containing information about the Llanelidan fun day.
Year:2010   Issue:1

News and Events

Wednesday is poker night
16/04/2016 : Admin
Friendly poker every Wednesday night. Entry includes snacks.
Pizzas and Burger night
16/04/2016 : Admin
Thursday night is pizza and burger night including take-away orders. Bar menu also available.
Friday is steak night
16/04/2016 : Admin
Two 10oz steaks and two glasses of wine for 22. Booking recommended. Bar menu also available.
Sunday Lunches
16/04/2016 : Admin
We serve a range of roast meats for our Sunday lunches. Bar menu also available.